7 things every electrical apprentice needs to know to get hired

POSTED ON 28.04.2017

Whether you’re thinking about becoming an apprentice electrician, or you have already started your electrical apprenticeship, you should know what most employers are expecting of you. Make sure you succeed in your apprenticeship and get hired by following these simple tips.

    Don't use your mobile phone at work

  1. Don’t use your mobile phone at work:
    As tempting as it might be, don’t use your mobile phone at work. Checking your phone, using social media, texting friends and receiving calls during working hours, is listed by employers as the single most annoying thing an apprentice can do whilst at work.

    Do your homework

  3. Do your homework:
    Read as much as you can in your own time. Employers are looking for apprentices to keep up to date with training materials, industry news, new products and current regulations. This will accelerate your learning and give your employer confidence in your capabilities to do the job right.
    Don't pretend you know it all

  5. Don’t pretend you know it all:
    If you have been given something to do and you don’t quite understand how to do it, say so. Always listen carefully to all instructions and ask lots of questions. Electricity is dangerous, so don’t ‘muddle’ your way through a task if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask, after all you are there to learn.
    The importance of NOT being Idle

  7. The importance of NOT being Idle
    When you have nothing to do, show some initiative and find something that needs doing. Show an interest in everything and make yourself useful in any way you can. Busy employers will really appreciate your ‘Can do’ attitude and ability to think for yourself.
    Practice makes perfect

  9. Practice makes perfect
    Practice in your spare time. The quicker you learn the quicker you will be of use to your employer and get closer to securing your position as a professional installer.
    Tools of the trade

  11. Tools of the trade:
    If you do have your own tools – use them and if you borrow tools make sure you put them back! Leaving tools around where they can be easily lost or damaged will not please any potential employer.
    Do it right

  13. Do it right:
    Don’t try to hide or cover up your mistakes. If you do make a mistake, always, always put it right, even if you have to be supervised while putting it right….Mistakes are the only way to learn…but mistakes not put right can cost money and in some cases lives.